Goodbye, Andy Rooney

Maybe his timing was intentional, to slip away quickly just a month after leaving the career he said he loved. To leave it all on the field, as they say.

I hope so. I always liked Andy Rooney. I’d like to think he’s pleased that he’s left the audience just a little bit surprised.

John McCain’s Baby Bunny BBQ

I guess I should post something on the blog, because I’m getting all these e-mails asking if I’m alright. “Kyle,” they say, “where are you? We miss your posts! Write something clever for us.”

OK, I missed about 10 days and in truth nobody noticed. So it goes. I’m just being a little facetious. Or sarcastic.

What’s the difference between facetious and sarcastic? Anybody know?



Which leads me to wonder if Ferris is a real first name. By real, I mean one ever given to a real person, rather than just to fictional Ferris in the movie.

Turns out it is a real name, though rare. And did you know that the poet Galway Kinnell has a son named Fergus? They’re both Irish names.

I’m a poet. a creative writer, and a technical writer. The latter is why I haven’t been blogging. See, the economy sucked the life out of the freelance writing & editing gig I had, working from home. So I’m grateful to have a new one, which started on Monday 9.8. I like it very much. The people are nice, and the technology is interesting.

My days this week were fully occupied, while evenings were lent to the bio-feedback essential to acclamation to a new situation; in other words, more rest.

I’m still technically freelance, a consultant, but it’s full time, on site, long term. Now I can pay the bills, which is nice. Southern California Edison won’t cast me into outer darkness. Cox Cable and Verizon won’t strip me off all connection to other sentient life.

You are all sentient, aren’t you? Self-aware? Infected by consciousness and the consciousness of consciousness? (That’s Wallace Stegner.) Sure, just like me. Let’s let each other know how that works out, alright? In the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.