Bright and Early

It was early for me to be up on a Sunday. I usually set the alarm for 8:00 on Sunday, earlier on other days. But today I’ve been up since 5:30; I’ve been awake since 4:48am. This is because some inconsiderate moron drove a loud sports car into the alley between the condo buildings of the complex where I live, stopped right outside my bedroom window, left his loud car running, and did some sort of business with a neighbor. Maybe he was delivering something, I don’t know. I just saw him walking away from the building, talking on his phone, getting back in the car and driving away. I could still here the engine from a great distance, because it had very distinctive rising and falling sound, as opposed to a steady idle.

Strangely, the idiot in question has to go out of his way to get into this private driveway. My condo is the only one in this building that faces the private alley; the others face a public street. That’s where the baboon should be driving his noisy car.

This has happened daily for maybe a week, though this was the first time I was unable to go back to sleep. I tried to descend back into rest by playing my nature sounds CD, a woodland river, which usually helps me sleep. But it was futile. And I know that since I stayed up to watch a movie, went to bed at 12:30, and to sleep at 1:00am, I’ll be tired now all day long.

I don’t mind getting up bright and early, if I’m expecting it. It’s fun to get up before dawn and go fishing, or open Christmas presents, or take a trip with family. But this ain’t that, and it’s not cool. 

Obviously, I’m annoyed. I’m not going to put up with this. There’s gonna be a roshambo dialogue .  Later, when the sun is up and warm. It is the Sabbath after all, and I’m a civilized person.