Officer Bubbles

Cop weirds out over soap bubbles, arrests girl. Could he be a bigger douche?

Via Boing Boing:

"A Toronto police officer whose thuggish behaviour against a young girl blowing bubbles (reported here on Boing Boing) made him an inadvertent YouTube sensation and a symbol of police heavy-handedness at the G20 protests has launched a $1.2-million defamation lawsuit against YouTube."

Seriously, what an assclown. He needs to be removed from the streets.

And this is just the kind of thing I love to see linked and re-linked around the world, its viral-ness becomes inoculation against stupidity.

1 thought on “Officer Bubbles

  1. Big bad mancop. Assclown is an unfair slam against both asses AND clowns.This is a deplorable badass thug in a badge who thinks he IS the law. He should be sent to Mooseville, Alberta, or some such non-existent place, to continue serving and protecting . . . mooseturd pies, of course.

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