Drunk Driving

“According University of Oklahoma Police Department’s BAC Calculator, a 180-lb male registers a .08 after consuming six 12 oz. beers or five gin-and-tonics in a span of two hours.”

Drunk Driving: Is the U.S. Blood Alcohol Limit Too Liberal? – TIME

This Time article points out that deaths are lower in Sweden, where the legal limit for blood alcohol is .02. In the US, it’s 4 times higher.

In my opinion, the legal limit should be .00. It should be illegal to drink and then drive at all. Some things kill people and we can’t do much about it (natural disaster), or we can’t be too much bothered to invest in the solution (cancer). Some things kill people and we treat it like a necessary evil (war). But some causes of death are preventable, but for the fact that purblind stupidity is endemic to our species.

Duh. How drunk should we let people get, before they go slinging 2 tons of steel around at high speeds?

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  1. Hear, here! I'm with you on this 100%!I'm all for ZERO TOLERANCE. Pilots can't consume alcohol within 8-hours of flying and if he does stop but shows up with a BAL of greater than .04%, he cannot fly.We have got to stop the willful carnage that is killing nearly 35-thousand people on our highways every damn year. Enough is and has been more than enough already.Give me ZERO TOLERANCE, or give me YOUR KEYS!

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