no more rooms?

Since January 2007, the Guardian has published a series of photos and personal commentary “Portraits of the spaces where authors create,” called Writers’ Rooms.

The series seems to have come to a whimpering end. The most recent installment was added July 18, with the portrait of a musician’s room.

That there is no note on the Guardian’s site about the end of the series, or on a summer holiday hiatus, etc., may speak to a yawning lack of professionalism as much as a deliberate conclusion. Even those of us who publish personal blogs would mention if we planned to take a longer-than-usual break. That a major paper wouldn’t bother is simply sad.

Still, I have enjoyed and appreciated the series as an entertaining glimpse into the personal lives of my fellow artists. It was a good idea, generally well executed, and a bit of fun with my coffee on Saturday mornings. … Cheers.