In the distance, someone beats
a great drum, coming nearer every day.
This old rhythm we don’t recognize,
the days of plague. Those who do not
learn from history are doomed.
Like birds driven earthward to shelter
under bushes by a storm, we wait
for abstract entities to pass.
Son of man, you cannot say or guess
how long. The clock reminds us,
drumming down the hours like high
surf pounding on the rocks.

I have lived in this room for years,
beneath its stucco laqueraria devoid
of cherubim or even birds.
The days called me out into the warm
sea air, to see the intimation of islands
beyond the eucalypti and the bluffs.
Now the invitation is withdrawn;
at least obscured, contingent
on a tolerance of sorrows.
I had not thought the sweet breeze
would rise and bring such sounds
of the inevitable world.

J. Kyle Kimberlin
Creative Commons Licensed

1 thought on “Shelter

  1. Love the visuals like someone beating the great drum in the distance and the birds driven to seek shelter under bushes during the storm.

    “Those who do not learn from history are doomed” reminds me of those protesters packing in Huntington Beach. Just like the Spanish Flu Pandemic in 1918 when the Philadelphia Director of Public Health ignored the warnings and encouraged the Liberty Loan Parade to go on.

    Fine to be outside as long as you maintain a 6 foot social distancing. Health authorities even recommend it for mental and physical health during this time of turmoil.

    I hope you and Brookie are taking advantage of the nice weather and going for walks in all sorts of parks and beaches in town. If you guys hit a different place each day, that would be such a great adventure.


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