Waves of the Same Sea

I will write in my journal that today was not a good day. It began with news of a surge in diagnoses and deaths from covid-19 in New York and ended with the governor’s order that Californians must stay home. This is going to be bad before it gets better, but that implies hope.

Such days bring fear up from the belly into the eyes and ears and leave great deposits of fear, like shoals of obsidian sand, in the sheltered harbors of the heart. But in the hours in between, I was offered a vista of high clouds following recent rain, and of the blue Pacific.

There was also this: On many cartons of medical supplies donated by a Chinese company to the people of Italy were written words of the 1st century Roman philosopher Seneca.

“We are waves of the same sea, leaves of the same tree, flowers of the same garden”

2 thoughts on “Waves of the Same Sea

  1. Thank you, Andy! Brookie is getting more walks now – at a safe distance from neighbors – so she’s happy. Glad your folks are home now, as are mine. The only way to get past this is through.

  2. Great news that we’re all Sheltering at home. If the whole nation was forced to shelter at home, we could get rid of this coronavirus a lot quicker. Still safe (and fun) to take Brookie for walks, as long as you keep the 6 foot social distance. My sister freaked out yesterday when my Dad wasn’t home, but doing his usual fast food and shopping day. Luckily, Newsom gave the order, so my Parents are quarantined at home, and my sister will bring them groceries.

    Like your newest poem. That was awesome.

    The Seneca quote’s good too. Nice to see nations all aligned and fighting together.

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