Don’t Look!

Happy Eclipse! It made me glad to see people join together outdoors, across the country, to watch. I think it’s good whenever humans join in peace for any purpose greater than their opinions.

This was an event for everyone; old and young, rich and poor, and literally from sea to shining sea. I think it’s amusing though, to call it the Great American Eclipse. Leave it to Americans to take national pride in something that’s not even happening on this planet.

I want to send a big thumbs up and a sincere attaboy to the president of the electoral college, Clown Prince Covfefe. Not to be outdone by the sun and the moon, or let a day go by without a blunder, he took off his protective eye-wear and squinted right up at the sun.

One galactic yellow ball of gas staring at another, locked in a battle to see which blinked first.

Way to go, babyhands. We all look forward to seeing how this turns out for you.


Ha ha ha ha ha. Moron.

Trump Eclipse

2 thoughts on “Don’t Look!

  1. Hi Tom, welcome to my blog. I’m glad to see you and I hope you’ll read and remark on some of the other posts. But let me explain something. While I think it’s great that public events occured that were not based on mass opinions, I think it would be very bad if this website was devoid of my opinions.

    This is my house. This is not a free speech area. This site exists for me to share my thoughts. The content and the comments here are completely under my control. So telling me I shouldn’t express myself here is ridiculous.

    It’s like telling me I shouldn’t write poems about rain, or death, or write stories about dogs. So I’ll thank you not to come into my house and tell me shame for shit. You don’t tell writers what to write, or anybody what to think.

    Peace to you. Have a beautiful day. FUCK TRUMP.

  2. “I think it’s good whenever humans join in peace for any purpose greater than their opinions.”

    As do I and yet you could not refrain from sharing yours. Shame on you for reducing your otherwise brilliant writing down to name calling.

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