An Elegy for 9/11

In the twelve years since the attacks of September 11, 2001, I’ve often thought of trying to write a poem about the event and our collective connection with it. Our grief. Yesterday, the time finally felt right to make an attempt.

September Sky

Once each year we see
on television the flames
so far up but still
too near the ground,
all the papers flying
and the dust.

We see the upturned faces
cut with fear and disbelief.

How blue the September sky
was – still and bird-full –
until then.

We hear again their last
words, calm and sad, left
on voice-mail. Oh goodbye.
Remember that I loved you well.

Voices beat on down the years
like drums.

So we fall with them and the falling
takes the rest of our lives.



Kyle Kimberlin
September 11, 2013


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