Edit This

This morning I read a conversation on LinkedIn, which begins with a question posed by a fellow professional writer:

“Are editor’s absolutely necessary?”

Oh dear. The “Greengrocer’s Apostrophe” appears among the tomato’s and apple’s.

No, editor’s are not necessary but editors probably are. An editor certainly would have been helpful to that writer.

But hey, I’ve been told I use too many comas. Commas. I meant commas. A coma is what I’m in before I have my coffee, right?

We can all use a little help from our friends, because nobodys’ perfect. I just thought it was ironic, and it made me smile. Smile

2 thoughts on “Edit This

  1. Editors I find are really good at helping me to decide whether or not a piece is perfect or as perfect as possible. I just had a discussion with one in which I was very understanding of her point of view, and without defensiveness, while exploring her options for a re-write, I seemed to convince her that the poem should stay just the way it was. I wasn’t sure until I got the paperwork yesterday. But basically I just politely told her, no, I’m not changing it, but thank you for giving the piece so much thought. Still, even though it wasn’t a typo issue, it was good practice at really analyzing a piece. I just didn’t want to sound defensive–“Are you kidding me? Do you know how many times I’ve already drafted and re-drafted this!?” Yeah, editors are good, even when their suggestions are dismissed. 😉

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