The Charlie Syndrome

I guess we can agree that there’s very little that’s funny about Charlie Sheen’s epic meltdown. And I’ll stipulate that really his sad, accelerating spiral into oblivion is out of place on a blog about writing and its peripheral concerns.

Entertainment is just entertainment, but it’s part of our culture. So maybe one short post isn’t out of line. 

I can only say that I have enjoyed the show, watch it every week, but Sheen is just one of several people who make the funny work on that thing. The laughter has always come when Charlie (Harper) is on set with Alan, Jake, Evelyn and Berta. Berta has never gotten enough screen time, for me. I don’t think the show comes back without him, but that doesn’t make him more than one member of the cast.

Sheen thinks he’s the whole deal, and that’s wrong. He’s an actor, and that’s nice for him. It’s an interesting and sometimes valuable profession. But so is a baker, a teacher, or a cop. My Dad was a lineman for the power company. He gave us lights and cold food, and the TV we watch assclowns like Charlie Sheen on. But Sheen gets 2 million for a week’s work. It’s a stupid way to run a railroad, if you ask me.

And it’s my humble, layman’s opinion that we’re seeing a rampant snafu of brain chemistry at work. Sex and drugs and psychosis. I mean, we all know crazy when we see it, unless we are crazy. It’s an insight generally endemic to the human herd.

So watching a career disintegrate is no fun, but here’s some Charlie Sheen funniness that he couldn’t possibly have done better without Jimmy Kimmel’s help. 

1 thought on “The Charlie Syndrome

  1. I agree, Kyle. The dude's brain is fried. I mean, I've seen a few crazies in my life–I frequent the gym down at East Beach, for god's sake–and Sheen's presentation looks a lot like a guy whose locker is two down from mine and who lives out of it and, for that matter, is out of it. To him, for example, the cops are everywhere (which isn't too far from the mark in that part of SB) and are after him bigtime. In uniform, out of uniform, in the bushes, on the beach. Tough to handle, actually, because I worry that if I humor him I'll aggravate his delusions, and yet I don't feel comfortable correcting him. My locker is, as I said, two down from his. Same with Sheen: Doesn't it feel like his face would melt if you told him he's completely full of shit?Sad, indeed.

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