Fixed It

I think I finally fixed my computer. As you may recall from previous posts, my desktop PC started crashing a little over a month ago.  I started getting the Blue Screen of Death, or Doom, and it took several days to reach a probable diagnosis: the graphics processor on the motherboard was overheating and going out.

There are only 2 ways to fix this, that I know of; either replace the motherboard or install a new graphics card to replace the one that lives on the motherboard. The latter is far less work and money, so there you go. It took about 10 days of research to decide which one to buy. And it took Amazon 2 weeks to get it here.

I’m not normally a patient person when it comes to not being able to use my stuff, or waiting to get stuff once I absolutely decide it’s needful. So brownie points to me for that. The desktop has been on sick leave, and I’ve been using my laptop. There was a benefit there, in that it motivated me to learn why the laptop was getting so slow, and get it running better.

The new GPU finally arrived yesterday around lunchtime, and I called my brother Joe. He has installed things like this before, so he was able to walk me through it. We got it finished today. It wasn’t exactly easy, but Joe helped me out by phone. Thanks Joe!

Want to see some photos of the inside of the PC, before and after the repair? Of course, here you go.

So it’s all installed, seems to be working OK. I’m glad to have my PC back online. I’m also pleased that I’ve finally conquered my fear – or mild and highly defensible anxiety – of messing around inside the computer case, except to clean it.