Turn Out The Lights

[Sigh] I guess it’s time to take down my Christmas lights again.

Rats. I love Christmas lights. They help take the cold blue steel edge off the winter gloomies; the long, dark midnight of my soul.


I always leave the lights up and shining on my balcony irons until after Eastern Orthodox Christmas, when all the Christians in the world have finished celebrating The Nativity, and most have moved on to Epiphany. But yeah, it’s time.

I wish we could leave things bright and happy until spring, but I guess that would make it all less special.

Some people leave them up all year, and just wait until December to turn them on. Tacky, very tacky. Last year, the condo association had to ask one resident to pack hers away … in March.

So, where do you stand on the issue of lights, or on the issue of standing, on principle?

1 thought on “Turn Out The Lights

  1. I say to each his own. I enjoy the lights beyond the holidays, but we don't put them all over the house/yard outside.There's just something about the extra light that makes me happy when the days are short.

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