The Morning Wind, performed

A couple of days ago, I posted a link to a flash fiction piece called The Morning Wind.

These 2 little bears are going to perform a reading of it for you. The male bear will read his part and narrate.

The script is a little messy. I had some trouble with cinematography. It’s new to me.


3 thoughts on “The Morning Wind, performed

  1. Just go to, get a free account, and use the text to movie option. You can definitely use it for a poem. You break your script up into pieces – one for each line of dialog or break in the action. Set the camera angle for each. Basically, you just have to experiment around a little. It's fun, but it doesn't always work right. Sometimes it will preview but not publish, sometimes the opposite. The site gets overloaded I guess. And once you publish, you can't change it. Have to do it over.

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