IMOM Anniversary Fundraiser

My favorite charity, IMOM (In Memory of Magic) is celebrating it’s 12th anniversary. IMOM was founded November 12, 1998. I became involved in 1999, and joined the board of directors that year.

mission_statement(click to enlarge)

In other words, we help people help pets, providing financial aid for pets facing life threatening emergencies.

We’re having a fundraising so that we can continue our work. Here’s a message from our founder and president. To read it on the IMOM website, click here.


How do you have an online anniversary celebration? It’s simple. You ask 1200 people to donate $1 for each year that IMOM has been "helping people help pets".

Our goal is to raise $14,400. All we need to accomplish our goal  is to receive a $12 donation from 1200 people.

12 reasons why you should join in the celebration and make a $12 donation.

1)  You believe in IMOM and you support our mission.
2)  You want to help us continue our work.
3)  You appreciate the work done at IMOM.
4)  You know what it’s like to have a sick pet and no money to help them.
5)  You can only imagine what it must be like to have a sick pet and no money to help them.
6)  At some point during our 12 years we have helped your pet.
7)  At some point during our 12 years we have helped the pet of someone you know.
8)  You understand that lots of $12 donations will add up to help a lot of pets.
9)  You’ve always told yourself you were going to make a donation to IMOM but just never got around to it.
10) You realize that if not for IMOM there would be more than 1700 pets who would not have had a chance to live.
11) You appreciate that IMOM is staffed 100% by volunteers.
12) You want to help make a difference in the lives of companion animals.

You may click on the link below to make your donation.

Thank you in advance for your generosity and for joining in our celebration.

For the animals,
Jacki Hadra – IMOM Founder