Beware the Ides of March!

This year the Ides – March 15 – falls on the Monday after we lose an hour of sleep. (Didja set your clocks?) And studies indicate there may be more traffic accidents and heart attacks on that Monday. (See the video below.) So be careful driving and take some naps. Try not to plow into anybody or have a massive M.I.

The lost hour of sleep thing has never made complete sense to me: I just sleep later. When I set my bedroom alarm clock ahead an hour, I set the alarm an hour later too, and go ahead and get my roughly 7 hours. Duh.

Still, I have to admit that for the past several years, I tend to feel a little more fatigued for a few days after the time change.

I’ve been blaming Bush for this, so we’ll have to see what happens this year. I don’t have a problem continuing that tradition. Obama’s getting the blame for enough crap he didn’t cause. And we all knew it was going to take time to fix it.

3 thoughts on “Beware the Ides of March!

  1. I went to bed an hour earlier and got up at my "regular" time. No big deal. No Tea Party peons rang my doorbell. No apocalyptic end of the world.As a matter of fact, other than my eyeballs falling out into my granola-yogurt, nothing much out of the ordinary happened all damn day.I love DST.:-)

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