fair warning

I’ve been known, though not widely, to say I like all vegetables. “I never met a vegetable I didn’t like,” or something, say I.

I’m generalizing. There are a few veggies I cannot abide. For example, I like corn. I like it just about any way you want to cook it. But I absolutely do not like those little baby corn cobs I all too often encounter in Asian dishes.

Disgusting. I don’t know why.

So, just don’t say you didn’t know, in advance. Nobody puts baby corn in my food, nobody gets hurt.

3 thoughts on “fair warning

  1. It's not I hate their corny act,Their smallness isn't it.It's just the simple, sorry factThey always taste like plastic shit.

  2. Suffer the little children cornGrowing to big cobs are they thus bornIn them find some small contentmentOr another case of arrested development.;-)

  3. i'm with you on this one. i've always thought that those mini-corns must have been an early attempt (and failure) at genetic engineering.

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