vick: can you say dog?

Michael Vick, the disgraced football player who has just pleaded guilty to involvement in dog fighting, was just on my TV. Live. He made a statement, accepting full responsibility for his actions and apologizing to everybody including the children of the world for his poor judgment. He may overestimate their prior adulation of him, but that’s neither here nor there.

He says through the experience of “this situation” he found Jesus. Good. Maybe there’s a kindly pastor there in Atlanta who can teach Vick to say the word dog, which he never uttered once. And help him to understand that when one confesses his sins, it’s customary to say what they are.

For goodness sake Vick, you asshat, tell the children what you did. Tell them it was wrong, evil, and nobody should hurt animals, and urge them not to do that thing. If you don’t, what good are you now?