George W Bush must be one of the greatest hypocrites ever born of a woman. Certainly, he shovels more manure than any thousand pork barrel politicians.

In his weekly radio address, Bush pointed the rabbity finger of accusation at the Democrats for tax and spend policies, and promised to veto any bill that spends too much.

The administration of Bush the Lesser has been the most fiscally irresponsible in the history of this nation. Clinton left him with a surplus budget. He blew through that like it was just enough for a weekend in Vegas, and it’s all gone downhill from there. But shoot, his economic policies were in a tailspin four years ago.

Oh the war will pay for itself, they said. Meadow muffins.


I wouldn’t mind seeing some conserve put back into conservatism. I wouldn’t mind seeing some checks and balances in our economy. Balance – the middle way – is a good thing. But for this man who spends our money on a war that amounts to a whim of biblical proportions to talk about the democrats’ spending is just asinine.

…. He will not feed,
Nourish or help; and his rabbity hand
Lifted in the fading light of the hemlocks
Waves to them, gestures to the young to die.

– Robert Bly