Yahoo photos is shutting down

Yahoo! photos is shutting down on 9/20/07, believe it or not. Who would’ve thought that anything at Yahoo! would be circling the drain? Here’s a good article about the situation at

So you’ve got a shipload of photos on yahoo photos? No need to panic, unless you just generally enjoy freaking out. Apparently, they’re helping move stuff to other sites.

Want my advice? Get Picasa from Google. Then you can use Google’s online Picasa web albums for your photo album sharing. It’s pretty cool. Picasa is not one of the photo sites that Y! photos is helping move your stuff to. Google and Y! are rivals. So you’ll have to do some uploading, but with Picasa, it’s super easy, once you get things set up.

Picasa’s web function is for album sharing – like when you have a bunch of shots from a vacation or holiday. Flickr is probably the best for individual photos – your favorite shots. Ironically, it’s owned by Yahoo.