he goes too far … again

“The [Bush] signing statement claims authority to open domestic mail without a warrant, and that would be new and quite alarming,” said Kate Martin, director of the Center for National Security Studies in Washington. “The danger is they’re reading Americans’ mail,” she said.

“You have to be concerned,” agreed a career senior U.S. official who reviewed the legal underpinnings of Bush’s claim. “It takes Executive Branch authority beyond anything we’ve ever known.” [Link]

Pretty soon, we’re going to need a whole new way to communicate. Forget cell phones, e-mail, and even letters to your Mom. Bush has his sticky fingers in all of those. Every home in America needs one of these.

3 thoughts on “he goes too far … again

  1. Rats are supposed to try to leave the ship – run down the lines to the dock or something – not stay on the ship and incite a constitutional mutiny. Somebody puhleeze show this bushy little rat the ropes.

  2. The Cone of Silence….love it! This Presiduncial Pariah is going to grab for as much power as he can because a rat will do anything to save itself on a sinking ship. Turly pathetic, folks. Something has to be done.

  3. I read Bush's signing statement, quoted in an LA Times article, I believe it was. He can read domestic mail only in the case of a "national emergency," it says. Of course, he's the one with the power to declare same, so there you are: smack-dab in post-Reichstag Germany.

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