swimmin with sharks

Back in the early weeks of 2003, I predicted that, war being hell, no good could come from this insanity. I said that many would lose their lives for the unpresident’s quixotic clusterfark, while others would lose their minds, and some would lose their souls. Now, with the sideshow fatal hazing of The Decider of Baghdad, I take no pleasure in being proven right. The latest big stone head has fallen, in a long line of those who learn it’s a hard thing to lose an Americorp franchise. Don’t screw with the head office, boys.

Of course, the execution was appalling, disgusting. Inhumane. Big deal. Par for the course in Iraq for four years. What’s happened to the Iraqi children alone makes this hanging look like a stroll through the park.

I’m reminded of an old adage from my days as a litigation paralegal: “If you’re swimmin’ with sharks, try not to look like bait.” Saddam’s mistake. He bluffed and had to fold, or punt or something. The question of the night is, now that Bush has the bait swinging from the proverbial hook, what do you suppose he’s going to catch?