possible worlds, possible blogs

(… or, feeling full, needing to void)

Apologies in advance to all of you, to Western philosophy, physics, Vonnegut, Shakespeare, and Douglas Adams.

In comments to my post veterans protest the war, my friend Corewell asks, “How about amnesty for all the illegal Mexicans, Indians, Arabs, Chinese,etc? Do you deliberately ignore this issue?”

That’s an extremely interesting question. I have posted about immigration several times. But I’m currently ignoring that, and an infinite number of other topics. Actually, all media, and all conceivable expressions of human consciousness, are always ignoring infinite topics. In fact, when you compare the infinite topics that I’m ignoring with the few that I’m not ignoring, my blog is grain of sand on an endless beach.

If this blog is compared to just the known world of the Internet, which is just a crapload of stuff on a bunch of computers, a recent and perhaps ill-advised invention on a small and insignificant planet on the outer spiral arm of a low rent galaxy, this blog blinks out of perceivable existence altogether. I mean, I get an average of six readers a day … God bless you, every one.

One of the next ideas to arrive (admittedly, I have no idea how many ideas I’ve had in the minutes I’ve been writing this, and only a fleeting apprehension that I’m thinking at all) is to say So It Goes. This is not an expression of indifference, but an allusion to the premise held forth by the Tralfamadorians of Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse-Five. It’s true that I’m not currently blogging about immigration, but there are unknowable moments along the timeline of the universe – and across possible worlds – in which I am blogging about immigration.

Watch your step! We have been shoved off the rail fence of phenomenology into the sticky pastures of ontology. But I’ll be brief.

We can blame a Greek guy named Leucippus, who lived about 2500 years ago, for the idea that the universe consists of two elements – for our purposes, issues. He called them the Full (Solid), and the Empty (Void). Both the solid and the void in the universe are infinite, he said. And everything is made of these two issues. Before that, nobody believed in things that weren’t solid; i.e., didn’t exist. They said that what is (solid) is finite and immutable, because change can only happen if what is not becomes what is, which is an unintelligible concept to George W. Bush.

Wait, how did he poke his snout in here? Let’s come back to him in a minute.

Leucippus sets the foundation of multiple – hence infinite – possible worlds. And proves that the things I have blogged about, and the things I haven’t even thought about, are equally possible and infinite. Now, given that the world we think we know and live in is as beset by paradox as the universe is infested with what appears to be space, I have no problem conceiving a possible world in which I am Lou Dobbs. But since this world has one of him, I’ll stick to being what I think of as being Me.

And Me wants to assert that the war is a solid, immigration is a void, and Bush is a gas.

Which brings us back to George W. Bush and the non-issue of immigration. It’s a situation. It’s not an issue until the issue is defined, which it hasn’t been, and until a solution is devised, which seems less plausible than me being Dobbs, or Vonnegut, or Shakespeare for that matter, in any possible world.

Well this has been fun. You got to watch me write and shake my eclectic cap and bells, and pretend I know stuff. But look, now Bush is on stage in his Henry V “Once more into the breach dear friends” official US Navy flight suit, declaiming on immigration reform, to dissolve the gathering clarity of his total and totalitarian incompetence, high crimes, and misdemeanors.