AT&T Customers Beware

Are you an AT&T mobile phone customer? Have a smart phone, or thinking about one? You’ve got to watch these guys. They’re thieves. Read, “Are you getting ripped off by AT&T or do you just not understand your phone?” by John Moe. And click Listen to This Story for the podcast I heard today. 

The upshot is that AT&T likes to charge their smartphone customers for data they don’t use. Then when they get called on it, they expect people to simply trust them because the public is too stupid to understand their contracts. But a couple of US senators are on the case. So surely a revelation is at hand. 

resistance is futile?

WASHINGTON – In the standoff between President Bush and Democrats in Congress led by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi over funding the Iraq war, it was the Democrats who finally blinked Tuesday, at least for now.

It’s as if we’ve been invaded by some insurmountable, unyielding alien force. No, not the Mexicans. This isn’t the Lou Dobbs site. I mean the Bushies. Have they got a Vulcan mind lock on Washington? Nah, it’s worse than that. It’s like puppies; as if Bush waived an old sock around until they finally flopped over like puppies, for tummy rubs.

Maybe a feline analogy is better: maybe the Democrats are just a bunch of pussies. Except, real cats know when they’ve got a bird by its wing.

Congress should keep sending the spending bill that is right for America, for Iraq, and for the military, not the bill that the Shrub wants to sign. Just do the right thing: Print it up, send it to the White House, again and again, until Bush understands that he has to sign it. After all, he didn’t veto a single bill until the Democrats took power. Now he’s yanking his veto out like a shootin iron. It’s high time he was informed there’s a new sheriff in town.