Clowns and Angels

I’m not sure it matters anyway
what we wonder
what we mean to say.

I’m not sure it matters
don’t you know
what we fear or where we go.

But there are clowns and angels
everywhere teaching leaves
to tumble down and birds

to dare to claim the sky
and showing roses how to turn
their faces fade and die.

J. Kyle Kimberlin
Creative Commons Licensed

Well this doesn’t feel right for Easter but what can you do? It’s the most close to ready piece in the notebook. And I like the cadence and the weird rhyme between the third and last stanzas. I don’t use rhyme much but sometimes I like to experiment.

Happy Easter. I hope the bunny or higher power of your conception made timely delivery of whatever peace, happiness, or sense of purpose you needed most.

4 thoughts on “Clowns and Angels

  1. Hi Kyle! No problem if you don’t get around to revisiting posts to look for comments. If you accidentally run across that reflection in one of your commonplace books, please post it; but no need to look for it, because it would like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

  2. Hi Andy! I’m sorry, didn’t mean to ignore your comment. WordPress stopped emailing comments to me some time ago and I keep forgetting to return to posts to check for them. Fail. Anyway, there’s something in my commonplace book that’s right on point with your comment. I think. I can’t remember it, except that it’s great. I’ll try to find it. My commonplace consists of multiple Moleskine notebooks. A challenge for me. 🙂

  3. Happy Easter Kyle.

    It does have an Easter connection with angels teaching flora and fauna of the Earth. The angels might know if it matters what we wonder, say, wonder, fear or where we go. Not sure if the clowns care.

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