Peace to be Found

“Our life is what our thoughts make it.”
― Marcus Aurelius

If I were admitted to the hospital tomorrow in serious condition with Covid-19, my final lucid thoughts might be this: I have wasted the final 3 years of my short life on Donald Dumfork Trump. Even if you hate him as I do, an obsession is an obsession.

We are victims, not just of corruption and malfeasance, but of the illusion that in all this world, all its nations and continents and seas, there is nothing going but that petty, worthless little man and the plague he helped fester among us. I mean Covid-19, not just the plague of mindless, selfish hate he brought down first.

There is infinitely more to contemplate and I decline to have my entire consciousness hijacked; refuse to have my life defined by or be sacrificed to this sleazy, vulgar sideshow.

There is a difference between being an informed citizen and being the product that media companies sell to advertisers. And even if the constant stream of “news” is telling you the truth, they are still making a profit by keeping you just worried and anxious enough not to look away for long.

The truth is you can look away; take a nice long look at almost anything and everything else in the world, and when you look back at the news again, you won’t have missed a damn discernable thing. Because everything that’s happening has happened before; it’s just history repeating itself.

Stay home. Stay safe. “Wash your damn hands.” Drink your coffee – or whatever wet you have about the house – and read your books. It’s chaos out there, same as it ever was. There is peace to be found and I wish it for you, my friends.