On Trump’s Birthday

I’ve sent this by email to my Congressman.

Dear Rep. Carbajal –

What are you doing today, on Trump’s birthday, to resist his mendacious and destructive presidency? I’m taking the time to write to my congressman and ask him to for the love of God do something – Impeach Trump. If only on principle, and especially on principle, he must be impeached. The Constitution is our principles; therefore, our nation is made of principles. Trump despises and abjures them, one and all. Do your duty, sir. Stand and act today for impeachment!


J. Kyle Kimberlin

2 thoughts on “On Trump’s Birthday

  1. Yes, me too. But even if it doesn’t matter to the Congressman, at least I know I’ve spoken up for my principles. Holy crud, did I misspell principles in that email? Multiple times?
    I did. I said principals. Oh good grief. There is not enough coffee on Earth for me, on a Friday morning.

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