Conversation With The Dog

I have some questions for Brookie
who knows what to do
when I go to the couch.
She runs, jumps, climbs
to my chest.
I ask about her day.

Did you have time in the yard
in the sun? And did you see
the squirrels on the wire overhead?
Did you drink your water
and chase the birds to make them
scatter to the sky?

Was there an hour for a nap,
where the sunlight falls
short and slanted to your chair?
And did you, will you, can we
play with your toys? The sun
is setting hard and fast and I
have been too much alone.

J. Kyle Kimberlin
Creative Commons Licensed

1 thought on “Conversation With The Dog

  1. Love your new Brookie poem. It’s one all dog lovers can relate. I have a friend with a Jack Russell terrier named Spot who loves to greet like that. He also likes to find a sunny spot and chase squirrels, tries to dig out holes where animals live and goes crazy barking at skateboarders and bicyclers. He will bark at big dogs like poodles and labs; they probably scare him, but loves little dogs. He won’t chase the ducks at Alice Keck Park, but tries to get real close until they jump back in the pond.

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