My Teachers

Now all my teachers are dead except silence.

So said W.S. Merwin, poet who died today aged 91. In college he was one of my teachers. At a remove – he didn’t teach at my university – but genuinely, mystically. In a way that mattered.

I mourn his passing, also remotely, as a poet and reader of poetry mourns the passing of all poets. In this destitute time, we need all the poets we can get. But Merwin was no stranger to destitute times, and he earned his stripes.

Farewell, then. Peace.

1 thought on “My Teachers

  1. I have felt that way about William Stafford too, one of my teachers, as you say, “genuinely, mystically. In a way that mattered.” I came to Merwin years later. He had that kind of depth and wisdom and he continues to teach me. Thanks for these good words.

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