Kevin Webb

I’ve just learned through Facebook that my childhood friend and classmate Keven Webb has passed away. Kevin worked for the US State Department and all I know so far is that he died at his embassy post in Madagascar.

I wish I knew more about Kevin. I know he loved to travel, enjoyed music and comedy. He didn’t join in the chaotic political tribalism and hysterical celebration of random opinion that our culture is devolving to; he kept his head above the fray and stayed positive. He shared what he loved, not what he hated. Which I thought showed integrity, self-knowledge, and mature circumspection.

His life between school and middle age in social media is largely a mystery to me because we didn’t keep in touch. And I think that’s unfortunate. We didn’t go all through school together; Kevin went to high school somewhere else. Those who’ve known him as an adult have likely known him as quiet but friendly and compassionate. We don’t really change, you know? His friends in recent times have my sympathy, and in a sense, my envy.

We didn’t finish the race together but we started it just a few feet apart. Kevin is second row, far right. I’m second row, third from the left.

… lessons done, my friend.

Mrs Wilsons Class

Mrs. Lottie Wilson’s kindergarten class, Canalino School, 1966-1967.

10 thoughts on “Kevin Webb

  1. Kevin was a special person and his grandmother was so proud of him and knew he was going to make something of himself because he had such drive.
    Our sympathies to his remaining friends and family.

  2. Julie, thank you for leaving a comment. I am so sorry for the loss to your family, and for your grief. I believe we will meet our loved ones again, and we’ll understand these sorrows.

  3. Kyle, Kevin was my brother. Thank you for posting this photo from so long ago! Kevin served his country well, and he loved his work and his friends & coworkers! He will be greatly missed by my dad and I as well as the rest of our family! Thank You for this treasured tribute.
    Julie Webb-Zimmerman

  4. Apparently now his death has been ruled a homicide and a suspect is in custody, a tragedy for his loved ones no doubt, From the date of your post it took what seems to be a significant period for this to be determined or it was a sensitive matter kept discrete.

  5. My condolences.. it’s always kind of a shock when we learn of a peer’s passing. What a sweet photo!

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