I’m Like

I listen to people. I guess all writers do but I’m not recommending it as a source of inspiration for the creative process. I just find it amusing, sometimes informative.

Crossing a parking lot the other day I listened to a nearby couple in their twenties. I have no idea what the girl was talking about but I decided to count the number of times she used the word “like” in her next sentence. She made it to seven, never as an actual reference to anything’s qualities or attributes, or attitudes or feelings about anything. She was like just like using it for meaningless filler. She meant, “I thought” or “I said” or “she said,” etc.

Am I like becoming an old (middle-aged) grammar cop? You damn kids learn to speak correctly and get off of my lawn! No, I understand that every generation has its silly habits. I say “cool” far more than makes sense.

I could despair for English but I am too well entertained.

2 thoughts on “I’m Like

  1. I had a paper to read from a young man at high school. I read aloud to him and over emphasized all the”like” in his paper. By the end of the first paragraph, I had reached ten. I stopped and said, “when did you become a 13 year old girl?” He was not amused.

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