About Killing the Chickens

I was walking our dog today and decided to listen to an episode of the New Yorker Poetry Podcast, in which a poem called What Did I Love, by Ellen Bass, is read by the great poet Philip Levine. 

Levine, former Poet Laureate of the US and winner of the Pulitzer, said he was envious of this poem. Yes, me too. 

You hear him read it here. 

You can read the poem here. 


And I wish you would. Listen and read along. I can tell you about power and beauty, about a surpassing specificity and blade-sharp precision of writing. 

But let me get out of your way. … I’ll just be over here, plucking feathers. 



2 thoughts on “About Killing the Chickens

  1. Oh, man, I just lost my typed out comment – which said a lot of things but mostly thank you for leading me to this poem! Now I’ve done the important thing and subbed to Methaphor so I won’t miss it again! 🙂

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