This is my heart

Today’s poem from Writer’s Almanac is If I Were a Dog, by Richard Shelton. I found it moving, not just for his insight into being a dog but for his insight into the fetch of the human heart, and the long dark road.

Read the poem here, listen to Billy Collins. (He’s filling in for Garrison Keillor this summer.)

4 thoughts on “This is my heart

  1. Thank you, Judy and Arthur. I was just thinking, Billy Collins is doing a fine job filling in for Garrison Keillor this summer. Though I knew Collins and admired him, I was a little concerned because I’ve been listening to Keillor read the Writer’s Almanac for so many years. It’s all good. 🙂

  2. Was moved by “this is my heart” and looked up the author with whom I was familiar because of his work with AZ prisoners. I’ll be using the poem in a sermon soon.

  3. Thanks for posting this, Kyle. I have read Richard Shelton and have on hand his book “Crossing The Yard” but I have not read his poetry before. I do love poems about dogs. This one is lovely.

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