Well I’ve Got a Lot of Gall

My friends, I’m having a health event and I could use your prayers and good thoughts this week. All signs point to my gallbladder being the culprit, but I’m waiting for my doctor to call about lab results.

I’ve had several attacks of significant upper abdominal pain over the past several years. Recently, the pains became frequent, so I saw my doc. He said it was suspicious for gallbladder, but prescribed a powerful antacid in case it was gastritis. A few days later, I started getting jaundice (my eyes and skin are yellowish), which generally means that the gallbladder is blocked.

Yesterday I had an ultrasound, which confirmed the presence of stones in my gallbladder. But to rule out other causes, the doctor also sent me to the lab for blood work. That’s what I’m waiting for now.

The good news is that I’ve had no pain in several days, because I’ve stopped eating fat, gone pretty much Vegan. But I’ve never had a health problem that wasn’t solved with medicine and rest. I’ve never been in a hospital as a patient.

It looks like I’ll need surgery for this. If so, hopefully, I’ll have the laproscopic option. I’ve heard that’s much less of a trial. And I understand that gallbladder surgery is very common and safe. But I’m still anxious — understandably, I think.

At the moment I feel OK. I’m just waiting for more to be revealed. In the meantime, I can use all the prayer and good energy from you that I can get … thanks!

5 thoughts on “Well I’ve Got a Lot of Gall

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  2. Thanks for your comments and support, everyone! It really helps.
    Jessica, I have been drinking cranberry. In fact, I just had a glass before coming to the computer.
    I’m really hoping for laproscopic, and I don’t have a problem with needles. My concern with that is my weight: I’m very overweight. I hope it will still work for me.

  3. Have you been drinking any cranberry juice..it’s a diarretic and can help in the inflammation department. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  4. You have my thoughts that all goes well and you leap this hurdle. It is not easy to face these things, so of course, we all wish you the best and to know that people care. Keep us informed.

  5. I had my first and last gall bladder “attack” in 2003. They did an ultrasound and the gall bladder had so many stones the tech could not count them. I had surgery several days later – laproscopic – went in, only problem was the IV which is historically a huge issue for me with needle phobia and hard to find veins – so the doc had me stay overnight b/c of my needle trauma. The surgery went perfectly and I was literally riding my horse w/in ONE WEEK. I so hope you have a good experience. Sending good thoughts and big hugs for quick recovery and an end to the pain!!

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