We Are Dissolved

This is one of my favorite poems by me. The emotions are close to the surface, but still flitting about in obscurity.

I’ve posted it before, but just gave it a polish. And as far as I’m concerned, if I change a word or a punctuation mark, it’s fair game to post it again if I want to. Don’t you agree?

I can’t do an audio right now, because the PC I use to do that is in the shop for a new motherboard.

Water Melts Sugar

Water melts sugar. Sunlight
in February melts the dull fog
on the bald canal. We are
dissolved, standing on the bank
searching the dark water for gar.
They drift away.

Fog dulls the hearing. There –
is that dog barking ahead of us
or behind? No matter, we have
no need of dogs now, or fish.
We have everything.

You know, sugar is good in our coffee
and on berries when the summer comes.
But look – I think I see one
swimming in the swift, cold deep.

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