Declare it Dog’s Birthday

Today is Brookie’s birthday. She’s one year old. She’s been with us since July 23.

Brookie has her own blog, Brookie’s Trials. You can find access to many photos of her there. But here’s one.

In honor of Brookie’s Day, here’s a poem I wrote years ago.


“I feel the insignificance of the
individual, and it makes me happy.”
– Einstein

Stand facing the ocean
with your back to the railroad tracks.
Stand there even if a train goes by,
a long, thundering freight.  Stand
even when the sun is rising or setting.
Stand facing the ocean in the rain.

If the air is still in your shaded patio
play the windchimes by hand.
Cast a big reflection
of your joy across the yard.
Stop to watch a lizard sleeping
on a stone.  It’s bad to awaken
reptiles, who dart into the jasmine
with their tails flickering.

Pray for peace in eastern Europe
for sobriety and a cure for AIDS.
Slow down passing graveyards,
hospitals, nursing homes.
Cross yourself or bow your head.  Do this
also passing the tavern and the jail.
If tears come, believe in them.

Choose a Saturday, declare it Dog’s Birthday.
Buy squeaky toys, chewy things, party hats
and candles.  Put off washing the car.
Take the dog out and stand facing
the ocean, with your back to America
and your face in the stormlight,
in the awesome churning of solitude,
until it’s time to turn again for home.

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