Google Drive Storage Limit Leaked

I’m a big fan of Google. The Internet’s best search engine has grown into the world’s biggest and best advertising company, and in the process has come to offer all sorts of great stuff for us. Their brand features make a lot of what I do easier and more fun, with reliability that sets the industry standard.

Next up on Google’s long list of cool features is Google Drive, a new cloud storage/sync service and their answer to Dropbox and Box. Rumor has had it for a while now that Google would offer 2GB storage for free, the same as Dropbox but less than Box, which offers 5GB.

The rumor now – based on what is alleged to be a leaked screenshot of the impending product – is that users will each get 5GB free.

You can follow the link to see the screenshot. I’m not going to post it, because it’s copyrighted by Google, whether TalkAndroid puts their big watermark on it or not.

My first reaction on reading this was, “Oh boy, this is so cool!” because I love Dropbox. Through special promotions and referral bonuses I’ve gradually increased my limit from 2GB to 4. Having 5 more from Google would be sweet.

My second reaction was, “Wait a minute, how did this get leaked?” Assuming it’s real. It didn’t fall out of someone’s pocket or briefcase. It came from a computer. At Google. Where they keep a lot of my private stuff: email, calendar data, docs, etc. How does a leak like this happen at a place like that?

Either somebody at Google isn’t trustworthy, or Google leaked this on purpose for business reasons that elude me. Or it’s fake. In any case, it’s suspicious. Like something way back in the fridge, that just doesn’t smell right.

What do you think? Can we trust Google with our stuff, if Google can’t trust Google with their own stuff? Or is somebody just up to nefarious shenanigans?