What the Dog Owns

It’s good sometimes to go back through the old folders of incomplete and abandoned writing and try to polish something up. It might unlatch a window.

The Moment

They say that we should be
in the moment, cherish and be
present entirely, the moment
being all we have.

And the future, the infinite
possibility, vast and strange
un-writtenness of it, dark swirling
Maybe of it, belongs to God.

But the past, with its happy smells
bright fuzzy motion, sudden pains
and great meals, long sleepy
afternoons, belongs completely
to the dog.


Kyle Kimberlin
Wednesday, May 18, 2005, 1:37:26 PM
Thursday, February 23, 2012 12:10 AM

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3 thoughts on “What the Dog Owns

  1. Thanks, Joseph. I dunno, though. The weird thing about the future, for me, is that we never arrive at it. The future only exists in a funhouse mirror way, as a refraction of the past seen from the present. In that sense, the future belongs not so much to the possibility of God as to the God of possibility. William Stafford said dogs see the future: they see time going on and someone alone, but they don't say anything.cf, http://goo.gl/HxjXx

  2. " . . . vast and strangeun-writtenness of it, dark swirlingMaybe of it . . ."I would entertain it belongs to the possibility of god, whatever one might conceive (or misconceive) that to be. One thing for sure, it belongs to US should we ever arrive at it. I have to agree that, in the end, the dog gets it all. I'm good with that. :-)Another Kimberlin ripple along the surface of raging time.

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