A few days ago, I mentioned that I’m posting more now on Google Plus, and letting Metaphor tend more toward my own original and creative impulses, for better or for worse. Links to other people’s creative impulses are good, but can live elsewhere.
It’s true and I hope that you have noted my address on Google Plus. There’s a link to it in the right column too.
It’s a transition, though, so here are some things for those of you who haven’t found me on G+ yet.

Here’s the last stanza.

Everything revealed is magical,
splendid in its ordinary shining.
The sun gives birth to rosebushes,
the myrtle, a snow shovel fallen,
overcome on the field of battle.

  • I shall live badly if I do not write, and I shall write badly if I do not live.
– Francoise Sagan
playwright and novelist (1935-2004)
  • If you missed the very beautiful little video I shared called The Piano, scroll down and watch it. It’s worth a couple of minutes.
  • If Web sites came with a printed manual, they would look like this.
  • Dr Weil says don’t go to sleep upset. He doesn’t say what to do about it. Stay up all night?
    I suppose meditating before bed, or talking about it, along with a stiff nightcap, might do the trick.
  • Definition of Marginalia
1: marginal notes or embellishments (as in a book)
2: nonessential items

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