On the Plus Side

I want to introduce you to another place where I post stuff. — Fun stuff!  — and invite you to join me there.
It’s the “blog” created by my posts, shares, links, etc., on Google Plus.
If you belong to Google +, circle me. We can network. If not, bookmark that site anyway. You don’t have to be a Google Plus user or log in to anything to see it.
I’ve been finding myself posting things in 2 or 3 different places, to reach different groups of people. That’s a time killer. I’m done.
Google Plus is the future of sharing online. At some point, when Google + evolves greater formatting skills, it will likely replace Metaphor. … Everything is on its way to somewhere else.
For now, my writing is staying here at Metaphor, everything else is going to Google Plus. Because there’s a distinction between publishing and sharing.
Here’s a statistic for you. After 11 years and nearly 5000 posts, readership on Metaphor is averaging 11 people per day. (And I thank you!). But after 6 months on Google Plus, 1731 people are subscribed to my posts (they have me in circles which does not mean they’re reading everything I write), and it goes up daily.
A Short Video About Google Plus

For now, Metaphor is still here. So please keep reading Metaphor if you’re interested in creative writing and poetry. But if you’re not checking out Google Plus too, you’re missing some of the fun!
Here’s the link again: profiles.google.com/kkimberlin.
See you there!