A New Poem



If you think about going,
or even motion, the destination
and the journey slip away from you,
becoming all of your old life
lost and buried under pavement.
But do not be still.

If you stare at the stars
or the lamp on the bedroom
table, at the stern sun
or its light turned back
from the surface of the grass,
you will sit for an age in darkness.

If you ask the clock for answers,
it will say nothing about months
and years, only the long and short
divisions of a day. Life’s ceaseless
metronome can’t promise
you are going to live.

Be still then. Hear the untuned
cello of traffic through the glass,
the sigh of the faucet, the heartache
of dogs in the distance.
This music is always around us,
a flowing and gathering cry.

J. Kyle Kimberlin
January 30, 2012

1 thought on “A New Poem

  1. I absolutely LOVE this stunning poem. Its richness is worthy of a workshop class demonstrating how to feel, to sense, to say things in an aggregate of simple measures, each more substantive than the one before, each another flower in a dawning meadow. Just excellent. How you came to this through a series of mistakes, I won't ask. Neither will I believe.I'm going to read it to Michele when she arrives before rehearsal. Most beautiful, Kyle. Most. 🙂

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