A Bit of Politics

… if you can stand it.

Did you watch the presidential speech? I did. I started watching the enhanced web version on whitehouse.gov, which was good because of my PC monitor's better resolution and superior sound. But the stream would lock up sometimes, so I switched to TV.

I thought the speech was positive, assertive, hopeful. There was more truth in it than is usually found in a political speech. Of course, maybe we can (si se puede), but I'll believe it when I see it. This ain't my first visit to the rhetorical big top.

One thing always strikes me as funny about this event is the way the members of the opposing party choose to applaud at random, or not. There were some nice bipartisan ovations tonight. Very nice.

But I swear, if they thought it was going to cost them a dime of their lunch money, and Obama suggested it might be better if Americans don't suffer and die needlessly, those Republicans would just sit there like victims of spontaneous taxidermy.

Republicans seem to passive-aggressively hate US, while Democrats are just manifestly indifferent and morally inert. Caring is as caring does.

2 thoughts on “A Bit of Politics

  1. That is the sad thing about this presidency. As Ralph Nader puts it, he says one thing and does another. http://goo.gl/6TwPRI don't know if Obama is showing signs of inexperience or he's getting weak advice, but he's leaving a lot of game on the field.

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