Extra Dimensions

I like stuff like this. I enjoy thinking outside the box.

2 thoughts on “Extra Dimensions

  1. That's intriguing. I've read a little about parallel universes and possible worlds [Metaphor: http://goo.gl/mVURd%5D. But I don't know. They say the universe is expanding. Toward where? What's out there to accommodate that expansion? If there are other universes, did they have their own Big Bang or was there just one? If just one, how do multiple – maybe infinite universes result from a single origin? And how does the eventual heat death of the universe explain Rick Perry?

  2. "Outside the box." Clever, clever. I find myself now (as opposed to some years ago when my professional career had me fully inside various boxes) able to assent readily to the concept of additional — even infinitely additional — dimensions. Once I was able to accept that we humans have words for concepts that our brains can't grasp (infinity and eternity, for examples), I found it easy to appreciate what these two scientists are talking about. Indeed, I find it amusing that we commonly use the phrase "the universe," as if it's a given that there's only one, namely, the bunch of rocks and gases the energy and light from which is recorded by our human senses and devices. Certainly the modifier "known" is required, and, for that matter, the additional modifier "presently" would seem apt, given that every day, it seems, our knowledge expands.

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