New Blogger Revisited

I haven’t been posting much lately. You’ve noticed, right? Nobody’s complaining though. We’re all busy and distracted, preoccupied. For me, I’ve been feeling a little unfocused. Literally. I’ll be getting some new reading glasses soon, which should help.

Another thing that might help is this new Blogger interface. They’ve updated the whole thing again, and I have to say it’s quite an improvement. It looks like this:

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Pretty cool, huh? I’ve been using Microsoft’s Windows Live Writer 2011 this year, and it’s excellent. But the main reason I wasn’t using Blogger’s own interface – the single most annoying thing about it – was a problem inserting a break at the end of a paragraph. I wrote about that here.

I’m not seeing that problem anymore, which means I’ll probably go back to using Blogger’s own interface to compose my blog posts. This is good, because draft posts are saved online. Windows Live Writer saves drafts on the local hard drive, so that one must return to the same computer to complete them. Not a big deal, but sometimes it’s nice to go work somewhere else.

Speaking of somewhere else, I think that’s where I need to go in search of new content for you to read. It’s a nice day, I’ve had my coffee, and it’s time to get outdoors. I’m not Marcel Proust, and don’t want to be.

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