The Last Word

I admired Keith Olbermann when he was calling George W. Bush on his evil ways. I have to say I admire him even more now. I don’t think there’s another commentator in America who could have pulled this off. And it’s one of the most worthwhile – and sobering – videos I’ve seen in a while.

Guess I’ll see you all at the barricades.

Illigitimatis non carborundum.

1 thought on “The Last Word

  1. I received this comment by email from my buddy Erik at All That Arises: Kyle, What amazes me about his talent is not so much the incisiveness of his substance–and I find the complexity of his word choices somewhat annoying–but the force and consistentcy of his delivery astounds me. I listened carefully to his essay and not once, not once, did he stumble or pause over even a single syllable. Have you ever tried something like that? I have, during rehearsal of closing arguments, for example, and it's impossible for me. I realize he's reading a teleprompter, but still…He's joining the rising call to action–as Chris Hedges has been urging for months–but as I've noted in my previous writings, we're too distracted to follow him. I've been doing my part (we've dropped our peace march from weekly to monthly, however), but the onlookers' response has become weaker, not stronger.In my eighth decade I'm really curious about the outcome of all this and I wish I were younger so I could be certain I'll be around to see what happens. I predict that Obama will lose his reelection bid, the Congress will remain split between the parties and the rancor will continue, so there probably won't be an "outcome" after all, just more of the same.

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