Move On Already!

I posted to Facebook early today, “Somebody tell me we’ll look back at this someday and laugh.” There’s been no response. I don’t think anybody out there feels that way. We feel used and betrayed, sold out. This debt ceiling business just isn’t any fun anymore.

So I signed a petition today on

"No cuts. No deals. End this madness now and pass a clean debt ceiling increase so America doesn’t default."

On the petition, which you can access by clicking here if you choose, there is a space for personal comments. I’m always hesitant to sign some things that should really be directed to members of congress other than those who personally represent my part of the country. Living where I do, I am represented entirely by liberal Democrats. They send these petitions to the elected reps of the signer, based on zip code I suppose. And I want to say No! Send it to the asshats who are causing the problem!

But today I’m pissed off at the Legislature in general, both houses, both parties. And I’m not feeling warm and fuzzy about the other 2 branches of government either. Accordingly, with the temperature between my ears being what it is, here is what I wrote.

I know my Representative and Senators are not directly to blame, but I’m so mad right now I can’t stand it. We gave Congress our credit card and you went on a spending spree for wars we didn’t need or want and can’t afford to pay for. That’s why we’re in this mess: huge pork for the military-industrial complex. Knock it off! And make good on what we borrowed! Or it is your job. 

No swear words. I was a good Boy Scout, considering. I mean, how much more of this unremitting anxiety can we tolerate from people who work for us?

I share this as a reminder to my readers that, although my blog is hopefully mostly a literary one, it started out in opposition to George W. Bush’s attack on Iraq, in the days leading up to Shock and Awe.

I remain forever and entirely opposed to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. We have seen their effects on the innocents of those countries, on our troops and their families, on our culture and civil liberties, and now on our economy.

I guess my point is basically I told you so

Here are a few links to share.

Dwight D. Eisenhower’s speech on the Military Industrial Complex. He warned us.

Squelch – an obscure, anonymous, spleen-venting political blog. I like it – it’s a little like scratching a psychic itch.

Politico – a very good high-end site for political news of the day.

The Nation – venerable, comprehensive, and a favorite news and insight source of mine for about 30 years now. Not surprising, since they’ve been publishing since the Civil War. 

1 thought on “Move On Already!

  1. I'm with you: A pox on both their fucking houses. But especially—wait for it—the dooshnozzle Republicans. An Idiocracy of Imbeciles warped by the granfalloon of hyperpartisanship.We need a right aisle roach spray and permanently rid ourselves of these blitherons.And apparently, I can't help but cuss. It's good for my soul. Eloquent profanity is directly proportional to the cultural height of civilization. Cavemen found no need to cuss. We ascending gods, on the other hand, claim linguistic lightning bolts as ours to dispense from the lofty realms of our ire as we see fit, often to great results and humanly divine purposes.We all know what this is about and the more of us say so the less anyone seems to care because they're all busy trying to survive. Ever since the black dude moved into 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. the racial war has been on for certain people. We know who they are. They're currently being puppeted by the Leaky TANgerine in the House of Representatives as their smoking speaker who is quite adept at blowing smoke out his ass. Or his mouth, same thing.Dems have no balls and have become pussies, and Republicans are all pricks. Google Team America on YouTube and look for the speech on dicks and pussies and see what the true nature of the mess we're in perfectly explained.I'm done. Fuck 'em all! Carry on. (This comment will self-destruct as the purveyor of this fine blog sees fit, which is perfectly fine by me).

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