What Must Be Returned

So yesterday I went to a reading by my friend Joseph Gallo, who read his fine poems and played his contemplative cedar flute for us. It was a beautiful day in Santa Barbara, in which the spring sunlight was lying passive as a cat. Joseph’s material and presentation were compassionate and generous. So I declare it was an excellent reason to emerge from my lair.

I enjoyed all of Joseph’s poems and some really jumped out at me. So much so that I had to fumble in my pockets for a pen and paper and scribble a note.

One poem that struck me is called Summer Sends You Sun, and you can read it on his blog.

…I will never see

the tender suffering at your window for I will have returned

my eyes to the stars. I shall instead lay my light upon the hand
of your youthful skin as the night visits in its way.

Thanks, Joseph!