cheesy blogging

When is blogging like cheese? When you let it age a while.

I was just reading a post by a blogger who was writing his post offline, knowing that it would be a while before he could post it, because his Internet was down. Which made me wonder: How would blogging be different if you always had to wait a few days or a week between the time you started it and the time you posted it?

I’ve often said that I can’t get into Twitter because nothing meaningful can be said in 140 characters. Actually I’m  not sure that’s true. But it’s just very difficult to do it in a hurry.

Clouds appear
and bring to men a chance to rest
from looking at the moon.

– Basho, (75 characters)

Drunk as a hoot owl,
writing letters
by thunderstorm.

– Kerouac (51 characters)

So it isn’t the length of the work that troubles me, it’s the haste. Haste makes waste. And it does seem that all this lightspeed technology is hastening human thought to the point that it can’t matter, so never mind.

So what if, instead of working on this post for 30 minutes – including research, hydration, and a trip to the loo – then quickly publishing, I don’t. Instead, I’ll click Save and see if tomorrow it has reached that tangy mellow sharpness that I like to taste in words.

We’re hoping for a mild cheddar, because I don’t know jack.


Having let it ferment for a day I see, more than ever, that the cheese stands alone.