It’s been one of those weeks, and blogging hasn’t been on my mind. My very nice desktop computer started crashing several days ago, and figuring that out has been giving me fits. I’ve checked it for viruses and driver glitches, memory failure, registry errors, and fan fubar.

Since I’ve done a little tinkering and tuning, it’s running great, except when it crashes, a few times a day. It’s pretty frustrating. The whole problem was preceded, over the past couple of weeks, but the PC acting funky when I try to watch any kind of videos. YouTube, Netflix, little movies I’ve made or saved, all looked wrong. So with that in mind, research suggests the display driver is going bad. And if it goes all the way bad, the computer will have no display at all.

Display drivers aren’t expensive, unless you’re into power-gaming, which I’m not. About the price of a couple of nice hardback books. Which is a better thing to spend money on. But graphics cards are very complicated. You think choosing a computer is hard, try buying a part to go inside. Whew.

To top it off, the weather has been too beautiful lately, so I’m not wanting to sit indoors during the day. So I’ve been trying to figure this out and fix it during the evening, with the TV on, while I’m getting tired and cranky. … I’m taking the night off. The desktop is shut down, I’m using the laptop, and tomorrow night’s another night for geeky struggles.