Talk Is Cheap

I learned to do something new this week. I learned how to make an audio file for a podcast, with my computer. I guess it’s no big deal but I’d never gotten around to it before.

I got a microphone for Christmas, you see. And it’s pretty cool what can be done with a mic that cost less than 10 biscuits, and software that I downloaded for free.

My actual plan for the mic is to use it to re-learn Spanish online. In the mean time, I recorded a couple of poems. You never know, I might be the next Garrison Keillor. “It was a quiet week in Lake Wobegone Carpinteria, my home town.” Except, it’s not really all that quiet around here. I’ll have to find a more fitting adjective. 

Anyway, sometime soon I’ll figure out how to get one of those Mp3 files onto the Net, and subject you to it, mercilessly. Fair warning.